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Discover Your True Potential with Graced

Unleash Your Inner Strength and Embrace a New Level of Awareness

Are you seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of yourself? Graced Healing Sessions offer transformative healing experiences that will elevate your consciousness and awareness.

Start your journey towards self-discovery and healing with Graced's powerful gifts of transformation, growth, and peace.

Caitlin Leigh

As a published author of spiritually-inspired poetry, Reiki Master, Graced Practitioner, and artist, Caitlin Leigh combines her passion for energy work with her journey of self-discovery to help her clients find peace and healing in even the smallest spaces of their daily lives. 

Healing Work

Caitlin provides personalized support to help you find peace, relieve stress, and gain a new perspective on your life through Graced Healing, Distance Reiki, and Spiritual Guidance & Support. Book a session to start experiencing the benefits of growth.


Discover the power of healing and transformation through spiritually-based poetry. Immerse yourself in five published books written from the heart, designed to inspire and empower you to live your truth and find peace in the present moment.


A Journey Through

Grief & Bliss

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